Tombstone of various mathematicians

David Hilbert had

We must know.

We will know.

What do you want on your tombstone?.

Fun fact: I celebrated my 19 birthday last year by drawing a heptadecagon, which was what Gauss achieved in PROVING its conductibility  when he was 19.

I am always fascinated by how a mathematician like Gauss could create such significant mathematical advancement at such a young age. I mean, I barely pass my exams on ‘old’ mathematics in university at 19. ‘Genius’ is such a over-used word, but Gauss deserves that title.

It is probably too early for me to think about my tombstone, but I would love to have a mathematical theorem named after me and people I love (P.S. really hope I won’t die alone, so I can name it after my wife or kids. For the moment I am still single). And I would love a maths joke  on the stone as well.

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